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Stimes believes that there are countless opportunities have emerged in recent times despite the Corona pandemic & other political issues, and will continue to emerge from Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ – for individuals and businesses, locally & overseas. The world cup 2022 will provide added incentives to the visitors as Qatar is fully preparing to enhance the fan experience. As everyone predicted, Qatar has invested immensely in technology and innovation, coming up with great ideas to revolutionize the football sports industry. Everyone expects technology on the show to be the greatest legacy of Qatar World Cup 2022? Yes, we will list down some of the main technology upgrades in the market.

Benefits of technology to business - Stimes Qatar

First & foremost, Qatar has an augury that the digital transformation is not limited to the implementation of new technologies. For a full swing, any business has no choice but to develop a shifting mindset from the traditional methodologies to digitization. Qatar has been ensuring the resources to showcase many advantages of the digital strategy, so companies can make sure that all stakeholders are inline with the country’s expectations. Let’s drill down some of the key areas which Qatar is upgrading as we stated earlier.

  • Improved collaboration

Qatar started its digitization long before any other same state countries, which catalyzed by recent Covid 19 situations and political barriers. With improved collaborating tools such as workflow automation, video conferencing platforms like zoom, document management systems, etc to collaborate with various important projects without any location dependency. Project management tools like Basecamp, Trello also allow for seamless communication and integration with third-party apps, including time attendance, software development, as well as generating tickets to track customer service workflow.

  • Implementation of ERP software systems

Although ERP is not a new disruptive concept, the technology is advancing the easiness of using the software. ERP software in Qatar provides a flexible foundation upon which businesses are able to integrate with cutting edge technologies to reach each business’s vision effectively.

  • Collect business needs through web/ mobile app inquiries form.

Based on the recent research done locally, Stimes realizes that most of the companies in Qatar started collecting their new sales inquiries through contact forms through their digital platforms like a website or mobile apps developed, instead of the traditional direct walk-in sales approach. For businesses, it is as lower as QAR 5k for website development in Qatar & QAR 10k+ for mobile app development in Qatar with a minimum scope of work. The businesses believe that contact forms help to protect your inbox from spam, show professionalism in a contact form, keep a track of inquiries, boost follow-up lists, etc.

  • Implementation of hospitality management software

The hospitality industry is the one main sector Qatar foresees a great development along in the process of FIFA Worldcup 2022. There are lots of new cafes, hotels being opened in Qatar expecting a huge fanbase flowing to Qatar for Worldcup 2022. All new hotels have already set up a fully digital experience enabling digital menu, restaurant software systems, RFID asset management systems, and much more to welcome the visitors.  

  • Digitizing the invoicing process

More concretely, invoice digitization allows any business to manage the invoicing/ financial outgoing processes in a more relevant way. More than just sending pdf invoices, archiving or storage of invoices, it will let you put in place an invoicing strategy for issuing, sending online, and processing automatically your invoices to clients, one of the strategies companies started using in Qatar.

  • Public-private partnerships

It requires public-private partnerships to upgrade the infrastructure around the digital era. As we know, digital transformation is not a new term; however Covid 19 pandemic has precipitously accelerated the need for smart technologies. The government of Qatar, and indeed globally have allocated a budget to collaborate with large digital firms like Microsoft, to modernize the government sector and beyond. Public-private partnerships (PPP) will play a critical role in accelerating digital transformation. Qatar’s Worldcup plan is digitally driven, along with the recipe of new jobs, stimulate innovation, economic growth, and supporting long-term vision in the current digital economy.

  • AI-driven developments

Finally, businesses have already started minimum digitization for achieving a higher-level of AI-driven requirements for World Cup 2022. Without proper data, machine learning platforms won’t be able to produce outcomes of value. The medium to large organizations started applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts that their data needs to be in a usable state. Once the digitization, say as a stepping stone layer is initiated, the cognitive technologies added to extract useful value and gain intelligence on software dashboards or other third-party integrations to have efficient results.

Like in any other revolution, technology will fundamentally reshape multiple industries within the country – driving productivity and efficiency, redefining the project lifecycle, and creating new winners and losers. The question is when, and which firms will be willing to spearhead the transformation.


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