Custom Software Development

Hire the best software development company in Qatar to develop software aligned to the budget & timeline.

We Deliver Business Value

From idea conceptualization to business analysis, design wireframes (UI/UX),  feature development, deployment of software, maintenance/ support and beyond, our dedicated professional team will engage with clients provided our domain expertise.

  • Expertise in industry wise custom software development services in Qatar
  • Agile (Scrum) Development Methodology
  • Transparent relationship with clients providing qualified resources.

Our Software Development Services in Qatar

Great software add great value to your business. We architect and deliver softwareBuilt on standard platforms & frameworks to our startup & enterprise clients.

Startup Software

We develop software for any new startups providing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a strict timeline and budget.  Our bespoke software development team experienced in working with startup clients will dedicatedly work on the business analysis and make sure we meet your expected results. Stimes Technologies has the bandwidth to allocate more resources on-demand and partner with startups in the development of mobile applications or software. With effective communication with the teams, we are confident that Qatar is well served with software development services.

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Internet of Things

We provide smart technology IoT solutions to our esteemed clients in Qatar. Designed to connect hardware devices to the internet, we build IoT solutions that make lives easier. We have been in discussions with Government and Non-Government organizations to deliver IoT platforms and solutions in different domains including Intelligent Transport Systems, Logistics, Road Safety& Environment & much more.Looking forward to FIFA Worldcup 2022 and Qatar National Vision 2030, we strive to reach Qatar’s national strategy a success and be part of the journey to make Qatar the best place to live in the region.

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Custom Software

Defining custom software is unique for each client we met. Custom Software Development in Qatar solves the problem of end customers by developing software on the cutting edge technologies. Not only software build for startups but also we develop custom software for our enterprise clients in Qatar. Our solutions include custom ERP software development, web design and mobile app development and more. Starting with technology consulting, we assist clients in Qatar from the initial stage of conceptualization of custom software to the deployment and maintenance in Qatar.

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Business Automation

We improve our client’s day to day business operations automated by applying technology concepts like big data, the blockchain etc that allow streamlining the communication and process.  Business automation software in Qatar leads to the company’s growth besides boosting brand image among investors, suppliers and even employees within.Implementing custom software as business automation, it also gets rid of human errors, unexpected delays, wrong command or failure to provide a timely response that continues to disrupt business operations. Stimes is one of the leading software companies in Qatar who ensures quality work.

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Restaurant POS Software


You would not want your existing software to miss out the advancements in technology to be competitive within the organization as well as to your end customers. Our dedicated support & DevOps team help clients to take advantage of technology by providing software support and maintenance in the Qatar market. Along with software feature enhancements, we assist our clients to keep the software safe from hackers, viruses, Trojans and other malicious software programs.The software support and maintenance is optional, benefits are too many to ignore and the disadvantages of not opting for it can have serious repercussions for your business. Migration to cloud technologies like AWS or Azure, technology stack migration etc are some of the key aspects in the support we do. 

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