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Before upgrading to our complete ERP software implementation, the Qatar-based health care service provider was managing data manually. The client is a leader in providing basic to critical nursing services to people with medical needs. When the company began growing sales and recruiting nurses year-over-year, the management felt the current manual processes weren’t keeping up.

Spreadsheets couldn’t account for the increasing volume of data, changing inventory costs, reports, sales, and purchases, and the existing accounting software didn’t have the functionalities like planning, scheduling, and MRP. The solution for the client was a simple and intuitive ERP software package – Stimes ERP software Qatar.

The section describes the details of the requirements of the project and functionalities of the same.

Payroll and HR Management

  • Manage Employee Information and their documents
  • Effective Time cards for payroll
  • Mobilization & Demobilization of resources
  • Generate Pay-Slip based on company requirements.
  • Generate and Manage the Payroll Processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee.
  • Manages project sites & payment policies
  • Generating Client Invoices based on company policy.
  • Night shift allowance/adjustments
  • Template certificates download
  • Leave calendar
  • WPS report.
  • Various Payroll & HR Reports
  • Retrieve all kind of reports and convert to word, excel, pdf document.

Fixed asset Management System

  • Asset Category
  • Asset Item
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Asset disposal
  • Stock Transfer
  • Fixed asset Revaluation
  • Customized reports with the data available

Invoice Process

  • Client & Patient Management
  • Supplier list management
  • Purchase order
  • Sales invoice
  • Generating multiple invoices for same client
  • Purchase invoice
  • Contract management
  • Standard & customized reports


  • Payment
  • Receipt
  • Journal
  • Credit and debit Note
  • Bank Realization and Reconciliation
  • Accounts Statements
  • Aging Report
  • Trail Balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • General Ledger
  • Reminders of expirations
  • Guarantee Cheque details upload
  • Customized accounts reports

Software Administration

  • User category and accounts
  • User rights and Module rights
  • Back Up and Reset Databases
  • Reminders Popup for passport and ID card etc.
  • Extensive reports on each module available.

To automate the business process and reduce the operational cost, done Stimes ERP software implementation without hassle. After a month of the ERP software implementation process, the company reduced overall operating costs, while its newly engaged HR and payroll module produced better employee management.

After the Stimes ERP software implementation in Qatar, the company was able to:

  • Decrease payroll management time by 88%.
  • Improve the accuracy of working hours for nurses
  • Give employees access to personalized ERP dashboards
  • Able to serve 100+ customers per day, without delays
  • Track and correct the incorrect patient data
  • Could triple its order volume, if desired, without impact to its systems
  • Was able to streamline flight assistance and transfers for patients
  • Improved employee communications with management
  • Get insights into their sales and revenue at the ease of clicks

The consequent impacts helped the client to boost revenue, reduce overall operating costs while keeping the employees happier. As a leading ERP software provider, we are glad that we could fulfill the ERP software expectations of the client’s employees and management.


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