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One of the key factors in the online business reach is through the organization website. What does our typical website proposal include for Elevating Online Presence Through Website?

Responsive design – The website will be responsive enough to match all the forms of Mobiles and Tablets.

CMS pages

  • CMS based website design
  • The backend will be in standard design, with no branding based customization
  • Stimes will be designing templates only in the design stage.
  • All system-generated email notification templates will be pre-defined; not manageable.

User-friendly navigation – The website is integrated with user-friendly navigations throughout the website.

Compatibility – The website is compatible for all web browsers.

  • Chrome (Latest Version)
  • Firefox (Latest Version)
  • IE 11
  • Safari

SEO friendly coding – The website coding will be SEO (Search Engine  Optimization) friendly

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